Actor Kit Harrington is tired of portraying characters like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, claiming that’s not the kind of masculinity we need to see on screen.

(Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead)

Harrington spent a decade playing the role of Jon Snow. His character was assassinated, but then brought back to life, literally. While the role helped build Harrington’s career, the actor does not want to play a silent and emotionally repressed male character like that again.

Harrington as Jon Snow

During an interaction with The Telegraph, Harrington expanded on the idea of  how “inherited male trauma” prevents men from being honest about their emotions.

“I feel that emotionally men have a problem, a blockage, and that blockage has come from the Second World War, passed down from grandfather to father to son.

“We do not speak about how we feel because it shows weakness, because it is not masculine. Having portrayed a man who was silent, who was heroic, I feel going forward that is a role I don’t want to play any more.

It is not a masculine role that the world needs to see much more of,” said Harington.

The 33-year-old actor also spoke about how his mother raised him in a “gender fluid” way.

“I asked for a Mighty Max and she bought me a Polly Pocket. I asked for an Action Man and I got a doll – it was very gender fluid from the word go. And I went with it,” he explained.

Harrington currently stars in the second season of Netflix’s police drama Criminal and will be seen alongside fellow Stark Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani and Angelina Jolie in Marvel’s Eternals.