Lara Dutta has been a regular face in 2000s Bollywood. The former Miss Universe has opened up about her relationship with the industry and how she thinks its ways have changed In a recent interview with IANS.

“I am very content with what my journey has been like. I have seen all phases and angles of the industry. I came in from being a Miss Universe to having an opportunity to work in a film like Andaaz.”

She then goes on to talk of what had been her career and how she had found footing in comedy, doing movies such as Houseful. “Having success from right at the start and just having the opportunity to work with some of the best names in the industry…it’s been incredible to have that kind of a repertoire. I found my genres that I preferred quite early in my career and comedy really worked for me.”

The actress had taken it slow with acting since her marriage to tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi and the birth of her daughter, Saira. She is now back, however, in another major role, playing former prime minister Indira Gandhi in Akshay Kumar-starrer Bell Bottom.

“I love the fact that today I am in my early 40s and you can come back. There is no stopping women today.” The actress said, before talking about the fresher stories that have become a part of the narrative of Bollywood. “The parts that are written and the opportunities that are available are just incredible and when I look at actors Neena Guptaji and all of them are like rocking it in their 50s and early 60s.”

The actress has expressed joy about being at the junction of her career that she is at, at a time where newer avenues open themselves up to the women of the industry.

“It brings me so much excitement that I know at the end of the day things will keep getting better with every decade that I enter into. I am having so much fun in my 40s. I am actually having more fun now than I did in my 20s as an actor because I am doing the kind of roles that I am excited about, I am playing actors that are closer to my age and I am playing characters that are older than I am,” she said in the interview.

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