In what is good news (finally), actor Reese Witherspoon is set to reprise her role as Elle Woods in the third instalment of the popular Legally Blonde franchise. The show will be written by Mindy Kaling and Brooklyn Nine Nine‘s writer-producer Dan Goor.

“Witherspoon’s banner Hello Sunshine and the company’s head of television and film Lauren Neustadter, along with Marc Platt and Adam Siegel of Platt Productions. will produce the film,” stated a report in The Hollywood Reporter. In 2018, Witherspoon had confirmed that the third film was in the works.

In Legally Blonde, which released in 2001, Witherspoon plays the role of Elle Woods who heads to law school after being dumped by her boyfriend. Once she is there, the sorority queen realises that she is worth so much more than just her looks.

Taking her story forward, in 2013’s Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde, Woods heads to Washington DC and knocks head with the big guys there while trying to pass a bill that bans animal testing.