Recently, the poster of Bhoomi has come into controversy for being copied from Liam Neeson’s Grey. To be honest, we think the poster is extremely similar – even though we agree that two creative minds can sometimes have the same idea. Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha has slammed those calling it a copy, despite not being associated with the film. 

“Bollywood is so full of some Bizarre, out of work, useless pests. Can’t put a movie together themselves and they start running down other people’s work the moment a movie gets off the ground. This afternoon saw a FANTASTIC poster of ‘BHOOMI’ (I have nothing to do with the film but for the fact that I love Sanju). Minutes later another Liam Neeson Poster of a movie called Grey started circulating as the one BHOOMI copied. FUCK YOU GUYS!!! It is a bloody close up and I attach here quite a few such posters that for sure did not copy each other. These are posters made of a close up. I think the BHOOMI Poster is fantastic and that’s it,” Anubhav said in an explosive Facebook post. 

“Why don’t the losers that are sitting on their asses running down other people’s work start writing a movie that can be made. Movies are about magic that a large team puts together over years. Blood, Sweat and money goes behind it. If you start talking shit about movies from the point they get off the ground you will ruin the magic. And you motherfucking losers, remember if Bollywood does well, chances are you will also get to make a film someday.
Sorry about my abusive language. But I am ANGRY. VERY ANGRY!!! So if you can’t put a movie together SHUT THE FUCK UP,” he added

This is not the first time a Bollywood poster has had a striking resemblance to some other film. We look at some alternatives. 

Murder 3

Anjaana Anjaani


Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara