How many of you remember Maya Memsaab? The film SRK dropped his pants for. It was based on Madame Bovary, a novel by Gustave Flaubert. Even though it was a beautiful film, with great songs, what many people remember is controversial sex scene between Shah Rukh Khan and Deepa Sahi.

Other than that scene, another song that we enjoyed a lot is called Ek Haseen Nigaah Ka. It’s extremely charming, and even though SRK doesn’t have grand foreign locales, he still manages to bring his romantic A-game here. There’s a childlike quality to him in this song, and the happiness is so contagious that you can’t help but smile. 

There’s an adorable scene where SRK lets Deepa Sahi walk with her heels over him, and then when she leaves, SRK smiles and flaps his hands on the mud.

Then there are scenes where both SRK and Deepa Sahi are walking hand in hand, and you really believe that all the money and all the wealth is moot when compared to the joy they are finding in the arms of each other.

Even the lyrics are brilliant. 

“Paanv ke tale kabhi,

Dil pada mile agar.

Choom kar uthaiye, 

Khoob dekh bhaal kar. 

Khoob dekh bhaal kar. 

Jo koi pooch le toh kya raah se uthaaya hai,

Ek haseen nigaah ka dil pe saaya hai.”

What this basically translates to is this – if you ever find your heart beneath your feet while walking, you should kiss and pick it up and take good care of it. 

The film was directed by Ketan Mehta, and it won a Special Mention award at 1993’s National Awards. the film was a disaster at the box office, but you can call it a beautiful failure. 

Red Chillies Entertainment has now acquired the rights to the film, and you’ll do well to find a DVD somewhere. After all, as Jabra fans, we miss seeing a new SRK film a lot. And this is something that doesn’t get played often on TV channels.

So go ahead, and place that order for the DVD. Or just strem it on YouTube for merely Rs. 50.