Malaika Arora is knowns for her fitness and yoga. The actress has always been vocal about her healthy lifestyle on social media platforms.

On the occasion of International Yoga Day, Arora talked everything about yoga to E Times and revealed some secrets and also revealed how her son Arhan is also inspired by it.

The actress was asked about going back to yoga and workout post her COVID-19 recovery she said that it was Sarvesh Shashi who motivated her. “He really did push me a lot because he could see that I was struggling and we took it up as a challenge. And we thought let’s just do this together. I felt that no matter what I was doing, it was just not translating into anything because I was just not able to push myself the way I was used to. I would get his message at night before sleeping, saying, “I’ll see you in the morning” and then he would be down under my building, waiting, really pushing me.”


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Talking about her gym wear, Shashi joked about how she manages 365 different looks for 365 days a year for yoga and workouts. “Like I said, 365 days in a normal year and 366 on a leap year, Malaika will have a new pair of clothes and shoes in her home. Arhaan is already planning an e-commerce site with her shoes,” he added.

Arora also revealed that she performs facial yoga, a very well-known practise to reduce ageing. She is often complimented about ageing in reverse and revealed that apart from regular yoga asanas, she also focuses on doing face yoga asanas, which according to her are excellent to reverse ageing. “I do face yoga, which is excellent for reversing ageing. It really helps beautifully because the exercises that we do on our face yoga programs are designed specifically for that purpose. Of course, when you do yoga, there are certain asanas that help in restoring youthfulness and skin elasticity. So, coupled with a good diet, sleep and a good lifestyle, which are very, very essential, there are certain asanas that if you do every single day, which will make a world of a difference to your overall appearance,” she mentioned.

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