Shia LaBeouf as a Marvel superhero? Yes, please.

Marvel is reportedly considering Shia LaBeouf  to be portray the character of Marvel superhero Iceman. According to We Got This Covered, the studio is hoping to land LaBeouf in the upcoming X-Men reboot.

LaBeouf has been taking a break from big budget movies, and has been focusing on more indie narratives. But this role could help pull him back to mainstream cinema.


Marvel’s Iceman


In case you’re unaware of Iceman’s role in X-Men, you should know that he’s one of the founding members. His superpower is his ability to freeze water vapour and even completely freeze himself. So, Iceman is definitely an important Marvel character, especially in relation to X-Men, but the superhero is also one of the most prominent gay characters in the Marvel universe, which makes him an exciting and interesting superhero compared to the ones we’ve seen on screen so far.

Picturing Shia LaBeouf as Iceman, we just have three words to say to Marvel — JUST DO IT.