Masaba Gupta has been becoming a household name, her influence going beyond just the creation of fashion. The brain behind House of Masaba and the face of the Netflix webseries, the semi-fictitious Masaba Masaba based loosely on her life, Masaba Gupta has come a long way since her first collection debuted at Lakme Fashion Week over a decade ago.

She also was the muse to a collection for the label Sabyasachi back in March. The collection is out for the public to wear.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee recently took to his Instagram to reshare images of Gupta in his collection.


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The photos are all from the photoshoot done for Conde Nast Traveller India took place in Raas Devigarh. The pictures have been shot by Tarun Vishwa at Udaipur, where Gupta can be seen flaunting various Sabyasachi outfits with the gorgeous palatial setting that is nestled in the Aravallis as her backdrop.

The two forces in Indian fashion collaborated with Condé Nast Traveller India for the Destination Wedding Guide, the magazine’s annual supplement. It was complimentary addition to the Feb-March-April issue.

Talking to Telegraph India, she delved into how she felt about the campaign; “The only thing I want to say about it is that I had made a decision in 2020 that I will only ever work with a person or a brand if that person or brand ignites a fire within me to become better at what I do or if that brand or person makes me extremely jealous. In Sabya’s case, it is both, right? I am so jealous of the brand that he has created and the aesthetic and I am so inspired with every single chat we’ve had or just by interacting with him or his team,” said she.

She went on to say, “When I went on that set to shoot, I felt I would never leave the set the same person again because it was just a different world. I have always believed in India-proud brands and somebody like Sabyasachi who not only took India global, who took India global on his terms. He didn’t become a watered-down version of Sabyasachi Kolkata. He went as Sabyasachi Kolkata. I would never do this for any other designer… in India… for sure. He ignites a fire within me and that fire keeps burning for a long time.”

He has inspired her to think about what she wants, “The one thing I learnt from him was clarity of thought.”

“I have not second-guessed anything I have done ever since I have left that shoot because that’s how clear I was in my head. The other thing that I have decided thanks to Sabya is that I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to sit in my house and I want to create and I want to work 16 hours a day.”

Amongst her multiple looks is one with red overtones, the work heavy as Bengali couture is known for, with a deep cut blouse and a printed lehenga. The OTT star can be seen sporting simple hair and makeup contrasted with heavy jewellery from the Sabyasachi label.

She also sported sarees, a yellow floral set and a simple, serious golden number.

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