There is a photo of Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan circulating which sees them smoke in New York City. From the photo, it looks as if they’ve both woken up and having a candid chat. 

First of all, it’s wrong to click pictures of celebrities when they’re not camera ready. Then, it’s wrong to suggest that they’re dating, which all the major media seems to be doing. Unless they come out in the open and say that they’re dating, we should not jump the boat. 

They’re just having a smoke, for crying out loud. They’re both film actors, and of course, they’ll have things to talk about. Probably they hit it off after a nice conversation. Can’t two human beings do that?

Let’s take a look at the photos.

They’re not even looking at each other, and maintaining a safe distance. 

Then there’s this video of them talking to each other while at the Global Teacher Prize Ceremony. It seems like Mahira is pleading for something, the way she is holding both her hands together. It could be some work related conversation. 

Even here, the duo are seen shaking hands with someone. There’s no hint of intimacy between them. 

In July this year, Ranbir had given a very interesting interview to AIB where he said that he has never been single all his life, but was enjoying his time. “This is the first time I am single and it’s amazing. You have a lot of time for yourself. I’m not meeting anybody. The only people you meet are the film industry people and eventually, the only people you start talking to are actresses,” he had said. 

Surely, it is quite possible that he is done with his single life, and has found romance. But, we have to wait for his statement before jumping to conclusions. After all, Ranbir is not the type who hides these things.