The fly has made its appearance on US Vice Presidential debate. The debate took place between US Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic opponent Kamala Harris, where a house fly sat for several minutes on Pence’s white hair.

While the fly became the talking point of the world, it has been an inspiration for a Halloween costume on a US lingerie website called 3Wishes that has launched a ‘Debate fly wig’. Priced at $49.95 (Rs.3664), the costume is a silver-coloured wig with a fly-like creature made to sit on the right side. As per the store, the wig is available in only 1 colour- ‘silver’ and has just one size. The description of the wig states, “Make your head great again! Look fly and steal the spotlight at your next party with this Debate Fly Wig, perfect for when being a fly on the wall just won’t do! You’ll want to get caught in the crossfire with this special item featuring a deluxe, high-quality silver white wig with an attached, oversized black fly and Flag lapel pin included! Suit and plexiglass partition not included”.