Milind Soman To Tie The Knot With Ankita Konwar: Celebs Who Married Air Hostesses

It’s been quite a trend, especially with middle-aged men

It’s the wedding season and we might have another popular one on the cards, if reports are to be believed. Timeless Bollywood heartthrob Milind Soman is set to enter wedlock with his girlfriend Ankita Konwar.

All of 53, the model-turned-actor had courted controversy when rumours of him dating the 26-year-old air hostess Konwar surfaced. The age gap between the to became fodder for trolls and even Ankita’s family was apprehensive about the arrangement. But the couple are now believed to tie the knot next year after successfully seeking approval from her parents.

Milind Soman with Ankita Konwar and her family.

“Milind timed his visit to coincide with Ankita’s nephew’s birthday, so he could meet her friends, family and relatives, who were in attendance…Now that the lovebirds have the family’s blessings, they will solemnize their relationship in 2018,” said a report.

Conventional or not, we whole-heartedly support the couple’s decision. They’re adults and they know what they’re doing. And it might just turn out to be as great as some of these marriages between celebrities and flight attendants in the past. 


Once a sensation, jumping jack Jeetendra decided to marry Shobha, who was a part of the cabin crew with British Airways. Funny thing is that she was a fan of the actor before the two got to know each other.

Ashutosh Gowariker

Before marrying the Lagaan director, Sunita had worked as an air hostess for Air India. In fact she had also modelled for various brands including Frootie and Nycil. 

Vijay Mallya

Sameera Tyabja was a flight attendant at Air India. She met her ex-husband in a flight in the year 1986. According to reports, it is believed that “Sameera was working as an air hostess in Air India, while Mallya was moving away from his father’s business trying to establish his own enterprise.”

Nusi Wadia

Maureen flew with Air India before she met Nusli Wadia, chairman of the Wadia group, on one of her flights. She is the brain behind an array of beauty pageants today.