Broke Out Of Bands

5 People Who Broke Out Of Bands To Find Individual Success

Sometimes, getting out of a band frees up an artist and allows him to find his own brand of music.

It’s great to see a group of talented musicians come together to form some great music, but with celebrity status comes bloated egos and we’ve seen some ugly band break ups in the history of music. Sometimes though, getting out of a band frees up an artist and allows him to find his own brand of music. We look at some such cases, where artists have broken out of bands and done really well.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake was part of a band called N’Sync, but left it because he felt that he cared more about the band than some other people in the group. Timberlake later found great success and is still around creating some kickass music.

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik was part of the super successful One Direction, but left the group in 2015. After that, he released an album called Mind Of Mine and delivered a superhit song in Pillowtalk.

Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan’s Silk Route is still considered as one of the best bands India has produced, but their union didn’t last forever. Chauhan though has had a great career after the break-up, and has sung many hit Bollywood numbers like Tumse Hi from Jab We Met.

Michael Jackson

One of pop music’s most successful artists, Michael Jackson started off as being a part of The Jackson Five. But, he found much more success as a solo hit and his songs like Beat It, Bad and They Don’t Really Care About Us still makes people dance around the world.


Beyonce started her career as part of a girl band, Destiny’s Child. But the band broke up and a lot of people blamed Beyonce for it. However, the star recovered from the setback and delivered some superhit and recently won a Grammy for her song Formation.