Recently, we heard Daata Tu, a devotional number from Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Tiger Zinda Hai. It’s a sad prayer, perfect for situations when life has thrown the kitchen sink at you and you feel helpless.

In Bollywood, we’ve had a number of great devotional tracks which is not surprising considering we’re such a religiously inclined nation.

Ae Maalik Tere Bande Hum

There’s a line which says that a man is extremely weak and has several faults. But oh god, you are standing there and you have a lot of sympathy. Your mercy is what is holding this world together. 

Itni Shakti Humein De Na Daata

It’s a plea to god to give us enough strength to always walk on the path of virtues, and never lose faith in ourselves. 

O Maa Sherawali

An upbeat song, this song sees Amitabh Bachchan worshipping Durga who is more powerful than anyone else. 

Shirdi Wale Saibaba

A hit with beggars all around the country, Shirdi Wale Saibaba is picturized on Nirupa Roy, who plays a blind mother regaining her eyesight thanks to the grace of Saibaba. No wonder there are so many devotees going to Shirdi every day.

Piya Haji Ali

Just like Shirdi, even Haji Ali sees pilgrims from all religions every day and its picturesque location in the sea makes it one of my favorite destinations to make a wish. 

O Paalan Hare

Again this is a song that should be heard when there is little hope left, and it’s a personal favourite. My favorite lines are where Bhuvan requests god to give courage to the sad people so that they never lose because of grief.  

Kun Faya Kun

A sufi song from Rockstar, this song is one that I love hearing on loop. After all, when there is no one left on your side, god stands by you.