Death is not the end of life itself, it is the end of life as we know it. In fact, for many, death offers freedom, a chance to live the kind of life we were denied when we were breathing. From dust we came and to dust we shall return, the Bible tells us. In Anushka Manchanda a.k.a. Nuka’s latest video ‘Don’t be Afraid’, ‘to dust we shall return’ is not the end of the story. For Nuka, the ashes of her earthly body being returned to the oceans only breathes life into a new creation.

Manchanda, who we were introduced to when she was part of the iconic girl pop band Viva, has constantly reinvented herself and worked with varying ideas that reference the universal spirit and the cosmic feminine. Her latest video, heavy with wildlife imagery and the idea of death is yet another attempt to produce something out of the box.

The video isn’t just beautiful and visually stunning, it makes you think and leaves a lasting impression, long after we are done watching it. Nuka’s woman dies, is cremated, returned to the ocean and comes back as one with nature.


“What we are doing in the video is talking about the idea of how energy evolves and transforms and keeps moving and the idea that we shouldn’t be afraid because no matter what happens, your energy never dies and it always keeps moving,” Anushka Manchanda told Bangalore Mirror before the release of the video.

And that idea of conservation of energy does come across. One of the most fantastically done aspects of the song is that nudity is used as a tool to express her art. She is the canvas and the artist in ‘Don’t be Afraid’ and the finished product will definitely make you question everything you thought about life after death.