Even after a defeat in the ongoing conservatorship battle, Britney Spears has not lost all hopes. She is firm on removing her father, Jamie Spears as an authority and is rumoured to have contacted a new larger law firm to fight her case.

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Reports in TMZ state that if the firm agrees to represent Spears, the first order of business will be filing a legal statement asking the judge to remove her father as conservator of her estate. Sources close to the development told TMZ that the singer is keen on hiring a powerful lawyer for herself and has approached former federal prosecutor, Mathew Rosengart for the same. Rosengart has represented a couple of high-profile clients earlier, including Steven Spielberg, Sean Penn, Ben and Casey Affleck, Eddie Vedder, Soledad O’Brien, Michael Mann and NBA star Jimmy Butler and more.

“I just want my life back. It’s been 13 years and it’s enough,” Spears said in a 20-minute address video. “I’m not happy. I can’t sleep. I’m so angry. It’s insane,” she said, adding that she cries every day. I truly believe this conservatorship is abusive. I want changes, I deserve changes,” Spears had appealed to Judge Brenda Penny ealier.

The singer made some shocking revelations about the conservatorship and told a court investigator that the conservatorship had “become an oppressive and controlling tool against her”. She went on to tell them that she wants the conservatorship to be terminated as soon as possible as she was “sick of being taken advantage of.” She went on to talk about how her father and his associates threaten her. They give her some medication that makes her feel “drunk” all the time. “If I don’t do this, what they tell me to do, enslave me to do, they’re gonna punish me,” she said.

Days after this explosive hearing, Britney Spears and Sam Asghari flew down to Hawaii for a vacation. Spears and Asghari flew to the Hawaiian island of Maui on June 24. The singer’s boyfriend, Asghari, took to Instagram to post a series of Instagram videos of the couple on a plane.

A source to US Weekly that Asghari has been super supportive since the singer gave the traumatic statements in court. The source revealed, “Sam made sure his schedule was clear the week after the hearing to be there for her 100 per cent and support her.”