Another day, and another amazing news coming from BTS. Ever since the boy band has entered the music scene, they have been making quite some noise globally, and have now completed 8 years in the industry. The members of the band are very excited to be accomplishing this feat, and have planned to celebrate the same with their fans virtually.

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BTS recently shared that they would be celebrating their eighth anniversary via a live streaming event called Muster Sowoozoo. The virtual event will take place on June 13. The world tour version of the same will take place on June 14.

In the announcement video that was shared by the band, we see Jin saying, “We are working hard to prepare a great performance, ARMY. So, please look forward to it.” Jungkook added, “I am looking forward to spending some time with the ARMY.” The record label announced that the tickets and other details of the show event will be made available on BTS’ official site, and social media handles in the coming days.

BTS Muster is a wildly popular fan event that is organised by the music band every year. During the event, the Korean boy band performs some of their smash hits, andis expected to perform their new song Butter this time around. While the event is a physical eventin normal circulmstances, it will take place virtually for all the fans to enjoy it. Fans from across the globe will be able to participate in it from the comfort of their homes.

The boys recently teamed up with PD Na Young Suk for an episode of Run BTS! In the episode, Jimin was asked, “Jimin, you didn’t get to see the members yesterday, right? What did you do?” To which Suga replied saying that Jimin was actually with them. Suga’s reply left Na Young Suk in shock and he started laughing and asked the members if they always hang out together? Jin said that he believes they are together 360 days out of 365. They went on to talk about how they feel “like an old married couple.”