Diljit Dosanjh is a big Kylie Jenner simp. He never misses a chance to express his love for the multi-millionaire on social media. The singer might not have received a reply from Jenner, but he hasn’t given up hope. The singer floods her comments section with hilarious comments that go viral among his fans in no time. As the singer rings in his 38th birthday, we revisit the top 5 Instagram comments he’s dropped on the business mogul’s posts.

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When He Asked Kim Kardashian Where Kylie Was

This was the start of Dosanjh’s one-sided love story. When Kim Kardashian, Jenner’s sister went live, he asked her where Kylie is. He commented, “Oh Ki haal aa (How are you?)” and “Kylie Kithe aa? (Where is Kylie?)” in Punjabi.

When He Dissed Tyga

Remember the time when Jenner was madly in love with Tyga? Dosanjh’s heart was broken to see the two lovebirds. On a photo posted by Jenner, he dropped a comment that said “Fittey Muh .. (What nonsense)”.

When He Dropped A Comment On Jenner’s Video

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The beauty icon is quite active on social media and loves to share even the smallest details of her life with her fans. She once had shared a video of herself getting ready. The singer dropped a comment saying, “Hatdi ni Tu.. (You won’t resist.)” Fans went crazy seeing this and tweeted about the same on Twitter as well.

The Birth Of ‘Do You Know’

Dosanjh did what he does best and made a song for Jenner. “Do You Know,” which is one of his best tracks, was inspired by his love for Kylie Jenner. He tweeted about the inspiration and even asked Jenner to work with him. Tagging her, Dosanjh tweeted, “Kithey an Ni Kudey.. aa ja Video Karna Ek (Where are you girl.. come let’s make a song together).”


The Punjabi singer once opened up about his wild obsession with Jenner and said, “I love her very much. Now, more than loving her, what makes me happy is how much people are interested in my comments. I never leave any chance to comment. But she hasn’t replied yet, maybe soon. Also, I comment in Punjabi, so that she doesn’t reply. My people should have fun that’s it.”

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