You know how when we love a song, we’re tempted to hear it on loop till we start hating it? Shockingly, that never seems to happen with a Kailash Kher song. His 2006 hit Teri Deewani is like an old friend who you can keep returning to, safe in the knowledge that nothing has changed since the last time you met.

His voice is so powerful and capable of evoking such intense emotions that his songs are relevant to all generations – yes, even the enigmatic Millennials who are always seeking diverse stuff.

In honour of a voice that has no contemporary, we have compiled the millennial’s Kailash Kher playlist. Take a look:

The OG one. Nothing beats this.


You can be all about Drake and Rihanna but this is the song you come back to at 3 am when you’re drunk and crying about your ex.


You can’t read ‘Allah Ke Bande’ without singing the opening lines in your head.


Such a cool song to listen to while travelling.


The versatility of his voice never fails to astound us. This is the same guy who sang Teri Deewani.


(Header credits: @kailashkheron Instagram)