Sanam: Tumi Robe Nirobi

The popular pop group delivers a beautiful rendition of Tumi Robe Nirobi.


Baajilo Kaharo Beena: Aguntuk

Aguntuk was Satyajit Ray’s final film before his death in 1992. This is a wonderful version of a classic.


Music based on Gitanjali: Olafur Arnalds

Icelandic composer Olafur Arnalds, who has dipped his toe into fusion ranging from a range of inspiration, produced this track based on the poetry book Gitanjali.


Tumi Amay Dekechile Chutir Nimontrone: Zoe Rahman

Zoe Rahman and her brother Idris are Bengali-British siblings who create modern jazz. They deliver an unusual, unique take on this Rabindra Sangeet.


Khola Hawa: Somlata And The Aces

Somlata Acharyaa Chowdury is an established Rabindra Sangeet artist. Here she performs Khola Hawa with a backing band who reimagine the song with modern instrumentation.