Priyanka Chopra’s husband Nick Jonas had all his fans worried ever since the news about his accident surfaced online. The singer injured himself yesterday (May 18) while shooting for his upcoming show, and was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

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The singer was treated for his injuries and was back home on the same day. He, later opened up about the incident during the live episode of a show, and revealed that he is doing better.  “I have a cracked rib from a spill on a bike and a few other bumps and bruises. I just wanted to go ahead and say that in case I’m not as physically enthusiastic as I usually am,” Priyanka Chopra’s husband said.

In an interview with GQ Hype, the 28-year-old singer had earlier talked about people considering him a sex idol and quipped, “Er, I think it’s flattering, but attraction is such a nuanced thing. I don’t take it too seriously. I just learn to laugh about it, and think about the fact that my parents are probably reading some of the comments. It’s not something I wear as a badge of honour. I tend to try to not think about it, because it would make me feel a little embarrassed.”

Talking about if his sex appeal makes the audience dismiss his work, Nick Jonas said that he doesn’t know if he is “at liberty to say that or not because it’s something about” himself. He added that personally it “doesn’t affect” his “ability to appreciate someone else’s work.” However, he knows that now everyone “think the same way” and hence, he’s “not sure.” Priyanka Chopra’s husband concluded, “I can understand that it is a thing.”

Nick Jonas also had announced that he won’t be joining The Voice team for the next season. Ariana Grande will be filling in Jonas’ spot for The Voice season 21. While he cited the reasons for his exit the last time, he has not revealed the reason behind his exit from the show this time around.