With the revival of vinyl records through subscription services all around the world, one such store that has been making waves in Mumbai is The Revolver Club. This vinyl record store provides solace to all record lovers, enthusiasts and vinyl collectors and is situated at L.J. Road, Mahim. Owned by Jude de Souza and Parth Pandya, this club in Mumbai offers you the opportunity to buy rare LPs, which you may not find elsewhere.

What is The Revolver Club?

With the digital revolution setting in and the closure of our beloved Rhythm House, this is definitely a solace for all old-school music enthusiasts who can’t get enough of their favourite vinyl records. The LPs at The Revolver Club have, in fact, been carefully sourced from all around the world through network contacts.

“What’s in a name?”

Sometimes misinterpreted as a club for shooting enthusiasts, the The Revolver Club not only sells vinyl records, but also deals in other equipment such as amplifiers, speakers and turntables at lower prices. In this day and age, when the digital format has overtaken every aspect of our lives, selling vinyl records may seem like a futile exercise to a few, but actually isn’t, since there are a growing  number of audiophiles who, in recent years, have been opting for the original format of records that were released during the pre-digital era. Vinyl records are one of the purest mediums of music; sometimes even better sounding in terms of quality than its digital counterpart.

Vinyl Records

The idea that changed Mumbai’s Vinyl scene

The idea to open this store in Mumbai came from the observation that there were still a few vinyl enthusiasts and audiophiles left in this city, despite the digital boom. The issue at hand was the fact that no one knew where to begin from; therefore, Jude de Souza and Parth Pandya came up with the idea of a record store that promised to serve as a major solution, to the woes of a vinyl record enthusiast.

The unique subscription service they offer

This lifestyle store is Mumbai’s only subscription service for the vinyl and offers LPs at affordable prices, starting from Rs 300 up to Rs 9000. You can avail LPs across  various genres such as Jazz, Western Classical, Rock ‘n Roll and the likes where vinyl records of bands such as Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Creedence Clearwater Revival are generally most preferred by the buyers.

Their unique subscription service is what makes it so special where you can actually opt for three, six or a twelve month subscription period. Also, you can book a demo so as to understand the product before you make a decision.

Turntable and Vinyl Records
Turntable and Vinyl Records

Of course, this does not mean that vinyl is set to overtake the digital format; the fact here remains that vinyl subscription clubs have revived the humble record, giving it new lease of life. These vinyl records remain a major part of the rock and roll culture and symbolize the heart and soul of music. Catering to all old-school audiophiles and new-age discoverers who seek quality music and sound,  The Revolver Club, is definitely a breath of fresh air, in the current digital age.

Featured Image Credits: MusicOomph.com