Spotify has been adding new features since a while. The music-streaming platform has been continuously updating its plans and features lately and we have seen some interesting features.

Tech insider, blogger and reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who previously uncovered hidden features such as video podcasts and virtual concerts, has discovered code suggesting a new in-app karaoke mode. The new feature allows for vocals to be turned up or down to blend with the music, reported by 

The feature will work like any other karaoke service. The users will be able to display synced lyrics and adjust the volume of just the vocals on a track, allowing them to sing along to their favourite songs.

Tencent Music Entertainment (TME)’s WeSing app highlights the possibilities with online karaoke as the giant continues to push the concept. The app allows users to sing and duet with artists and friends, as well as record and edit snippets of songs.