Unsolved Mysteries has been sitting in the Netflix’s top ten list since a while. The first six episodes have been loved by audiences across the globe. Another batch of six stories are on its way.

The streaming service has not officially announced about it but showrunner Terry Dunn Meurer has dropped some hints of what to expect. The episodes are set to drop “sometime later this year”, Meurer told Variety. When asked if viewers will see a ghost story, he replied: “Yes. But I’ll qualify that and say it’s an unusual ghost episode. That’s all I’ll say. It’s different. A bit different.”

Meurer also offered some updates on the cases featured in the first six episodes, revealing that they’ve received over 2,000 tips on unsolved.com since the series premiered. She says they’ve received the most emails about the Alonzo Brooks case. The case where a young man disappeared after attending a party with his friends. His body was discovered in a nearby creek a month later, but the case was ultimately closed by the FBI as an accidental death. Now, Meurer revealed that the case was reopened in June, with the FBI offering a $100,000 reward for any information about Brooks’ death.