If you’re having a bad day, don’t fret. Even the best stars have had bad days at the biggest of stages (it can’t get bigger than the Academy Awards, can it?).  So to light up your Wednesday, and boost your confidence (laughing does that to you), we’ve compiled a list of the embarrassing Oscar moments ever. That’s not all we’ve done, however – the biggest night of the year, where cinema is concerned, has also had its fair share of controversial moments.


The Academy Awards have been regularly called out for lacking in diversity where nominations are concerned. When all 20 of the acting nominees in 2016 were Caucasian, social media didn’t take it lightly. Soon, #OscarsSoWhite began trending and stars like Spike Lee, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith boycotted the event.


La La Land wins Best Picture (but it doesn’t)

We all felt elated when La La Land won the Best Picture award at 89th Academy Awards, but our excitement was short-lived when it was announced that the presenters had made a mistake. The film that was actually supposed to win was Moonlight. It became the joke of the town, that something so horrible can happen at the biggest of stages. 

Jennifer Lawrence falls on the way to the stage


Oops. That’s what went through everybody’s mind when this happened. To be fair to her, she must have been too overjoyed after winning the Best Actress award in the 2013 Oscars. 

John Travolta makes a horrible introduction

Instead of introducing Idina Menzel, John Travolta introduced Adele Dazeem. What caused the brainfade, we don’t know. What we do know is that Idina was unfazed and delivered a superb performance.

Seth MacFarlane song “We Saw Your Boobs”

It was in such bad taste, that it was met with widespread criticism. Really, did the Academy Awards committee not review stuff before allowing their hosts to pull off stunts like this?

James Franco and Anne Hathaway play probably the worst hosts in Oscars history

A lot of people accused James Franco of being stoned, and his chemistry with Anne Hathaway was all over the place during the show. In the beginning, Franco said that Anne Hathaway was nominated when she was actually not. Really, who wrote the script? Didn’t they rehearse? 

Image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons