We simply can’t get over this meme that comprised a flood of jokes following Eastwatch-By-The-Sea the penultimate episode from the latest Game of Thrones season. 


No really, that’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Ajay Devgn, after his pro-war remarks on the Uri attacks. 

And surprise surprise, he’s now starring in a subtly anti-Congress film Baadshaho that is set in 1975 during the Emergency era. On the outside, it might be another (unsuccessful) attempt in the actor’s recent series of ventures to establish his image as an action hero, but deep within, it’s a cog in the larger wheel of the right-wing’s conservative propaganda.

Remember Madhur Bhandarkar’s Indu Sarkar?

Ajay Devgn and Narendra Modi in 2014

It wasn’t too long ago that Devgn had praised Narendra Modi’s demonetisation as a ‘historic’ move before the Reserve Bank of India announced record losses due to the move.

But how do you stop brains like Devgn from blindly walking down the bhakt alley. (Kachche Dhaage much?)

“I really like Modi as a person. But if you notice, I’ve hardly been able to meet Modi after he became the Prime Minister. I used to meet him more back when he was the chief minister of Gujarat.” – Ajay Devgn to India Today

He even campaigned for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Bihar for crying out loud, so expecting his worldview to be liberal seems like a tall order.

But what bothers us is that a man who endorses Vimal pan masala preaches against Pakistani artists being allowed to work in Bollywood. Like really? You mean to say that you promoting cancer-causing products is a more ethical thing for the kids to learn than people dying in collateral damage on the border?

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And now we understand why did he even have a problem with his wife Kajol romancing Shah Rukh Khan on screen when he is himself going full monty with Ileana D’Cruz and the likes.

So should we, the country’s liberal-minded minority, not watch Baadshaho this weekend as a form of protest to his actions? No! We will watch it and appreciate it if it’s a well-made movie. 

And you know why Ajay? It’s because we’re not like you, and are proud of it.