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Ranking Which Batman Deserves To Get The Hollywood Star

Ben Affleck or Christian Bale? Find out which Batman is on the first position

For his 80th birthday, Batman will be getting his name engraved on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Batman was introduced first in Detective Comics #27, which was published on March 30, 1939. Since the debut, he’s grown to become one of the world’s most renowned and recognisable superhero characters of all time. 

The role of Batman isn’t easy to play out. And we understand that. That’s why we carefully studied every Batman portrayal and ranked them accordingly. Take a look.


5.) Adam West


Adam West was the first ever Batman ever but sadly, he’s the last on our list. Yes, we get it. It was the 60s, but that costume is just unbearable. 


4.) Michael Keaton


Michael Keaton has played many roles in his career, but Batman was a milestone for the actor. Unfortunately, there were better actors after him who portrayed it better. 


3.) Ben Affleck


Say what you must, but Ben Affleck was one of the best actors to play Batman. If it wasn’t for that fat, lazy costume, Affleck could have been on the first position of this list. 


2.) Christian Bale


Christian Bale nailed the role of the caped crusader. But more than the character of Batman, the movie made on him was memorable. Heath Ledger and Christopher Nolan’s direction and story-telling are what made The Dark Knight one of the greatest Batman movies of all time. Bale’s Batman was just a bonus.


1.) George Clooney


The only reason George Clooney is at the top of our list was because he really tried. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters? That and those nipple cutouts in his costume.