We all witnessed it, we all watched Tony Stark get martyred as he snapped his fingers and brought back half of humanity in Avengers: Endgame. It seemed like a befitting end to a Tony Stark’s glorious chapter in the MCU. But, it’s not like we wouldn’t want a bit more of him.

It has been confirmed that Stark will be having a cameo in the upcoming Scarlett Johansson-starrer, Black Widow, since Natasha Romanoff’s solo outing is set to be a prequel taking place directly after the events of Captain America: Civil War. But while there are no plans for another cameo, Robert Downey Jr is willing to return to the MCU for much less money after his first non-MCU film in six years, Dolittle, tanked miserably at the box office. We Got This Covered reported their sources mentioning that he would be “more open to the idea” if he got to work with his protege, Tom Holland, once again.



Dolittle reportedly had a budget of$175 million, but only managed to make a little more than $200 million worldwide, getting its most unsatisfactory profits from China due to the COVID-19 outbreak. “Dolittle bombing spectacularly at the box office in the wake of awful reviews has seen the actor become more reasonable when it comes to the financial terms of a new contract and he’s open to accepting less money for a return now,” the report says.

As of right now, the Black Widow cameo is all we know about. But Downey Jr reducing his price might just help bring him on board since his fee always brought the studio’s budget extraordinarily high.