Demi Lovato sat down with Indian mystic Sadhguru for their podcast, 4D With Demi Lovato.

The podcast is now available across platforms. Here is what the artist wrote on their Instagram to announce the collaboration, “a Yogi, mystic and visionary whose words of wisdom can help us build a conscious planet. Join me this week on #4DwithDemi as we discuss expanding consciousness, his spiritual journey and much more! New episode available now wherever you listen to your podcasts”


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Sadhguru, too, shared a snippet from the conversation via Instagram.

In about 40 minutes, the two discuss a varying range of subjects.

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For the first chunk, we get to hear a lot about who Sadhguru was as a child. We also get to hear about the experiences that led him to become the man we know today.

Then, the two discussed what it means to be joyous, what it means to be a mystic and what consciousness is.

After talking about his love for motorcycles, he mentions how when he started out on his path, the population of the world was about 5.8 billion, and he wanted to make every single person ecstatic, as he was.

“I want to touch the world. People tell me I have touched a billion people. But the world’s population is now 8 billion. I will die a failure, but a blissful failure,” he said.

The two then go to discuss the climate crisis. They talk about the urgency and requirement of immediate action. There is no use in discussing consciousness if life on this planet cannot prevail. “Our love for life needs to go beyond our species,” said the yogi, before urging the youth to take the cause forth.

Sadhguru and Demi Lovato ended on a chuckle when Lovato asked for some last words, prompting Sadhguru to assure them that he will be around a little longer, despite the greying hair.

Prior to this, Sadhguru had been in conversation with Will Smith and his daughter Willow Smith.

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