Bollywood biggie, Salman Khan, has spoken about failed friendships and about his infamous temper issues at the virtual launch event for Deanne Pandey’s new wellness book.

According to the Hindustan Times, Salman Khan said, during an interview, that he has known most of his friends for decades now and that naturally, these are the people he shares the strongest bond with. He also noted that he has made a few connections in the past few years but the equation shared with them isn’t really strong.

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“I take a lot of time in becoming friends, so all the friends that I’ve had have been 20-30 years old. And all the new people who keep coming in, they’re there, but they’re not as close as the four-five friends that I’ve had,” Salman Khan told NDTV, stating that he is a good judge of character.

“So when you get to know… First, everyone’s really cool, and then you get to know each other’s faults. If you’re okay with their faults then you’re fine. Because their qualities are a thousand times more than what their weakness are. If you’re okay with the weaknesses, you’re okay with them, but if you’re not okay with the weaknesses, and some friends aren’t as strong, then you don’t need that relationship,” he added.

Salman Khan also noted that eventually people go their own way and he isn’t necessarily bothered by this because ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

“I have anger, which is needed. Anger is not bad, if you want to take a stand you should have anger. I don’t have a temper and that’s not good. We get upset about small things like if someone is late, or if the shoot didn’t start on time. I tell people, look around and see how privileged we are, we should just be grateful for what all we have,” he said about his anger issues and the difference between temper and anger.

The actor appeared last in Bharat and will be seen next in Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

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