It was just a few weeks ago when Kartik Aaryan announced his next project titled Satyanarayan Ki Katha. The film which is backed by Sajid Nadiadwala’s Nadiadwala Grandson and Namah Pictures is said to be a love saga. The film is will be directed by National award-winning director Sameer Vidwans and will be going on floor really soon. But before the makers could start the film’s production, they have hit a roadblock.

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Many objected to the title of the film citing that it hurts the sentiments of Hindus, and it led to the makers take a decision of changing the name of the film. Vidwans took to Twitter to share the news with the fans. “A title of the film is something that emerges organically through the creative process. We have taken a decision to change the title of our recently announced film ‘Satyanarayan ki Katha‘ to avoid hurting sentiments, even if that’s purely unintentional.

Producers of the film and the creative team also are in complete support of this decision. We will be announcing a new title for our love story in the due course of our journey. Sincerely Sameer Vidwans,” said the director. “Satyanarayan Ki Katha makes for a script that calls for this perfect union and we are looking forward to bringing this ultimate love story to the audience,” Nadiadwala had revealed before.


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The actor had also issued a statement and said, “I have been wanting to work with Sajid sir for some time now, I couldn’t have asked for better collaboration. I’m extremely happy that I am a part of Sajid Sir, Shareen and Kishor’s vision. Satyanarayan Ki Katha is a musical love saga that brings together a powerhouse of people who are National award-winning names.

It’s also a first for me with Sameer Vidwans sir who has an astute sense of making sensitive topics highly entertaining. Honestly, I feel immense pressure and responsibility since I am the only member of this team without a National award.”