Shah Rukh Khan is a living legend in the world of cinema. He’s acted in multiple blockbuster films, given us great performances time and again and clearly possesses the gift of the gab. In a rare example of a person who deftly manages their personal and professional lives smoothly, he is also a dedicated father.

The star took to social media to air his thoughts regarding parenthood and had some advice for parents.

“Our children are not our responsibility. They are a measure of our capability. When someone says ‘my kid is such a problem’ . . . I want to tell them don’t look at them as that . . . ’cause actually, their ‘issues’ are a call to our potential . . . a source of telling us we can exceed our energies more than we know. Our children are our capability, not responsibility,” he wrote.


“Sunday afternoon…for no apparent reason…feel like being a Parent Philosopher. This is to Thank the kids not to give advice to parents,” he wrote in his caption.