In an interview with Network 18 recently, actor-philanthropist Sonu Sood clarified that the works that he has so passionately done during the pandemic would have an impact on him as an actor, but not in the way that one might think. 

Although he was just trying to do right by himself and the lessons inculcated by his parents, Sood is aware that the world is now looking at him as some sort of a messiah. “Career-wise it hasn’t impacted me in any way. I am still the same actor who is looking for great characters and great stories to tell. I am choosing scripts that look interesting to me, and that’s my primary focus,” he says. 

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“I’m getting many movies and roles that are larger than life but that doesn’t mean I will do them all. I choose films only when I am absolutely in love with them. Audiences have always showered their love on me and the projects I choose. So, I hope going forward they would continue to do the same.”

Being in the limelight that he has been in recently, one would not be wrong to assume that Sood might be feeling more pressure than ever when it comes to his craft and the appearances of his next performance. However, he states that the only pressure that he feels is that of not being able to help everyone who needs it. 

The impact the last year did have, though, was to teach him that life can be beyond anyone’s control sometimes. “You may be the richest man in the world, and yet not be able to get the proper medical attention needed for yourself or your family. So, those kinds of realisations have hit me and the entire human race hard. Health has to be of primeval importance. Success, fame, wealth – everything else comes after that.”

Sood also made it clear that he wants to keep at his social work, that one does not eradicate or even affect the other. “Social work is an extension of my work itself. It’s not something different. Just like I organically maintain a balance between my professional and personal life, my social work is also going to be organically fed into my daily schedule. This is the part of my life and I will continue doing it,” he tells the media house. 

Sood also commends his team of over 400 volunteers for the help they have been in the noble cause.

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