Hers was the wink that stopped an entire nation on its tracks in 2018 but Priya Prakash Varrier was the target of some heavy criticism when the official trailer for her Bollywood debut Sridevi Bungalow dropped a few days ago. The trailer has over 2000 likes on YouTube but over 6000 dislikes.

The film is being directed by Prasanth Mambully and was resoundingly trashed on social media for allegedly replicating the late actress Sridevi’s life. The actress had been found dead in a bathtub and her death had been the subject of a lot of media scrutiny.

In the trailer, Varrier plays an actress called Sridevi who appears to lead a lonely life and the video ends with a shot of what appears to be a drowned body in a bathtub – eerily similar to the way Sridevi had presumably been found. Boney Kapoor has sent a legal notice to the team.


“We received a legal notice from Mr Boney Kapoor last week. And we will face it. My film is a suspense thriller. I told him (Boney Kapoor) that Sridevi is a common name. My film’s character also happens to be an actress. We will face it,” said Mambully to a news portal.