Recently, we found out that Cristiano Ronaldo and Angelina Jolie will be appearing in a TV show together. We couldn’t believe our eyes, but soon the news sunk in and we became as excited as a bunch of kids who are given a free period at school. The show is called ‘Hayat Koprusu’ and will be based on the lives of Syrian refugees.

One of the world’s greatest footballers (if not the greatest) and an ultimate showman, Cristiano Ronaldo will make for great viewing as an actor. Not only does he have a ripped body that can be a treat to sore eyes, he also has an attitude that is difficult to match.

And who better to pair him with than Angelina Jolie, arguably one of the sexiest woman to have ever graced the silver screen. Jolie’s acting chops are never in doubt and we are sure that she will do justice to whatever role she plays. You don’t win two Oscars just by being ordinary.

Earlier, Ronaldo had expressed his desire to get into acting once he finishes his football career. In an interview with Portuguese fashion magazine, Ronaldo revealed, “I would like to learn being surrounded by good actors because only then will I learn since it is an area I do not control because it has nothing to do with football.”

We are sure that Ronaldo’s appetite for commitment and hard work will make him a fine actor too, and really hope that his days as an international superstar doesn’t end with his football career. We also think he’ll be good in action films, rather than emotional dramas about complex human emotions. After all, we know Ronaldo can look convincing jumping from trains and pulling incredible stunts on a motorbike. On the other hand, we are not sure if he can deliver emotional monologues or act in films where the protagonist is a loser.