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Game of Thrones Season 7: Danny Meets Jon, Other ‘Leaks’ And Popular Fan Theories

Winter sure is coming, but are you prepared?

 It’s the time of the year all Game of Thrones fans have been waiting for. The seventh season is almost upon us and as much as one would want to avoid spoilers and leaks, there’s no escaping – for the internet is dark and full of them!

So if your way of preparing for the upcoming season of the world’s most popular TV show, which debuts on July 17, involves donning the detective’s hat and investigating fan theories, we’ve got you covered.

And even if you’re binging the previous seasons in the buildup this weekend, there’s good enough material for breathers.

The Cleganebowl!


The combat battle that we had all been waiting for – the Clegane Bowl, could just take place this season, at least if Quora user and GoT fan theorist Rose G. Stone is to be believed. The Hound (Sandor Clegane), who has joined forces with the Brotherhood Without Banners, must meet Robert Strong (the Mountain), who is on Cersie Lannister’s side, and exact his revenge, thus earning redemption in a way.

Jon meets Danny

The meeting that everyone had anticipated since the beginning of the show is finally going to happen this season. In fact, a spy video shot, uploaded on YouTube by user Javi marcos sometime in October last year, all but confirms Jon Snow crossing path with Daenerys Targaryen. Whether this will blossom into a romantic relationship though remains to be seen.

Jamie kills Cersie

We know how last season ended for the Lannister queen. With the death of Tommen, Maggy the Frog’s prediction that all of Cersei’s children will die has come true. And the other bit of the prophecy concludes that Cersie will be killed by her Valonqar (younger brother). While everyone has already assumed that it will be Tyrion, quora GoT writers like Oliver Kingstone believe that Cersie has another younger brother, her twin Jamie, who was born minutes after her. And the aghast look on his face in the S6 finale was a sign of things to come.

Euron controls dragons


Given that Roose, Ramsey, Walder Frey are all dead, many a AWOIAF user expect Euron Greyjoy to take the centre stage and become the most hated character in the series now. In the books Euron is known to possess dragonbinder, a powerful horn that can control dragons.

So expect a confrontation between Euron (with his co*ck and a thousand ships) and Danny’s army, similar to what we had this season with the Masters in Mereen, where the Mother of Dragons surprised them with her babies. This time however we could see the tables turn and Euron taking charge, according to theorists.

Bran makes it

According to our favourite GoT theorist Kelsey Hayes, Bran at least definitely makes it back to Winterfell at some point — he’s clearly sitting in a wheelchair (the Westerosi equivalent) and dressed pretty nicely in the trailer, in Winterfell’s godswood in front of its weirwood tree. There’s uncertainty on whether Meera Ried would survive the trip or not.

There’s also popular belief that Bran will also bring the whitewalkers along with him, since he has been marked by the Night King. Though winter might be coming, the silver lining for us is that we could get to see more of the leader of The Others, who is by far the most fear-striking characters on the show.

Arya comes home

Images from the sets of the forthcoming season have made it clear that Arya Stark, who announced her return to Westeros by killing Walder Frey in the season 6 finale, will cross paths with at least Lyanna Mormont. But Isaac Hempstead Wright (Bran) was also spotted on the same sets as her and we expect a reunion of the Stark family sometime during the season, in Winterfell or not.

Littelfinger to be executed

baelish varys

A fan leak on Reddit claims that Littlefinger tries to play Arya and Sansa, who is now the Lady of Winterfell, against each other, using the letter Sansa wrote to Robb (at the behest of Cersei and Littlefinger) to swear fealty to Joffrey. But Sansa figures out she’s being played, with Bran’s help, and orders Petyr Baelish’s execution that is in most probability, carried out by Arya.

Time could also be up for another mastermind Varys as the war of men will now finally convert into the song of ice and fire with magical powers taking over.

Major Spoiler alert: The Reddit leak also claims to have further info on the future of all other major characters including Varys, Sam and Ser Jorah. Check it out here for the dope, but don’t complain we didn’t warn you.