If you’re feeling bored of watching fictional erotic films/shows, and want to enjoy something real, then give these sizzling shows a shot.

Teste de Fidilade

Brazil is surely up there as one of the sexiest countries in the world, and this show about infidelity is sure to get you hot and heavy.  

The Bachelorette

Even though, the show is about one woman finding her Mr. Right, there are plenty of sexy moments to watch out for. Just don’t watch the Indian version featuring Mallika Sherawat, if you want to keep your sanity intact.

Dating Naked

In this reality show, people are trying to mate naked. Probably, this is how things worked when we didn’t have the concept of clothes.

Need we say more?

Hunt For The Kingfisher Calendar Girl

The Kingfisher Calendar is one of the hottest things to look forward to, and to watch models compete definitely floats our boat. Also, this is probably the only Indian reality show that we find somewhat sexy. MTV Splitsvilla is just crap on steroids.

Big Brother, Brazil

Adult entertainment on TV is no big deal in Brazil, and we can’t complain. This is probably a million times hotter than the Indian version.