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A Quick Recap Of Koffee With Karan’s Season Finale

Season 5 of our favourite Bollywood chat show will have no more guests gracing the couch.

Season 5 of our favourite Bollywood chat show will have no more guests gracing the couch. We are somewhat pleased, because this was by far the worst season of Koffee With Karan ever with very few memorable moments. To finish things off, Karan invited an illustrious (though we doubt what Rohan Joshi was doing there) jury including – Neha Dhupia, Rohan Joshi, Malaika Arora Khan and Ayan Mukherjee.

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap.

Best Dressed (Male)

It was a tie between Shahid Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor. We agree with the jury that both of them were impeccably dressed. But still, if we had to give it to someone it would be Jackie Shroff who wasn’t even nominated.

Best Dressed (Female)

Priyanka Chopra received the golden Koffee cup, and all judges except for Neha Dhupia voted for her. We agree with their decision, and think Priyanka did her international status full justice with her sexy yet classy outfit.

Best Debut

The jury was divided between Jackie Shroff and Twinkle Khanna, but Jackie was the eventual winner. We think his performance was candid as hell, and we couldn’t agree less with the jury.

Best Actor In A Comic Role

Once again, the jury had a tough time choosing between Twinkle Khanna and Varun Dhawan, but Varun was chosen as the winner after some contemplation. While Varun did a really good job, we would have given the award to Ranveer Singh who was a riot on the show.

Special Awards

Both Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan went home with Special Koffee Award and Lifetime Achievement Award for their repeated appearances on the show. In a clip, Arjun also suggested Star that he could do an Alcohol With Arjun if Karan was too busy to do another season.

Best Quote On The Show

This was a tough one for the jury to decide since there were many memorable ones in this season. However Sohail Khan’s wit on the 100th episode won him the award. He referred to Salman as 1, and himself and Arbaaz as 0 and 0.

Best Performance (Female)

There was a debate amidst the jury for this one. While some thought it should go to Katrina Kaif, some thought that Alia Bhatt should win the award. Katrina won the award, which we think was extremely undeserved. Either Priyanka Chopra or Kangana Ranaut should have won it. Maybe, Kangana because her comments stirred the maximum controversy and she wasn’t afraid to call out Karan for his nepotism on his own show.

Best Performance (Male)

Salman Khan was the winner of this award, and deservedly so. He was comfortable and cracked a memorable joke about how he trolled a gadget freak who claimed to have the latest technology that could switch on the ACs and open the doors of his house while he was sitting far away. Salman said that he has had this technology for years, much to the astonishment of his friend. He just has to call his servant Jaffer and he would take care of everything.

Best Episode

The most coveted award of the season went to The Khan Brothers, who incidently featured in the 100th episode of the show. While we liked that episode, we think the Ranveer-Ranbir episode should have taken the award mainly because we don’t see them together very often. And also, because both of them had us in splits.