SPOILERS! Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale ‘Leaked’: Littlefinger Dead, Jon-Dany Have Sex

SPOILERS! MAJOR SPOILERS! GO AWAY OR REGRET! Cersie could just discover the wretched fate of her unborn child!

Hello, (mostly) for the last time this season fellow Westerosis! Hackers might have threatened HBO to leak the seventh and final episode of the ongoing seventh season of our favourite fiction show Game of Thrones, but we already know what’s in store during ‘The Dragon and The Wolf’. Thanks to all the leaks and spy shots in the buildup.



We’re sure that just like us even you’re looking forward to the much-awaited sex scene on the season finale, which is also supposed to be the longest episode of the season. There’s hardly been any bobs or vagene barring the yawn-inducing sequence between Missandei and Grey Worm.

But wait, there’s important business to tackle before that. So, the last episode ended with Daenarys Targaryan saving the day for the Jon Snow-led party that ventured out north of the wall to capture  wight. The only casualties were Thoros and Dany’s dargon Viserion, who is resurrected by the Night King.

Jon Snow, who is also saved by Uncle Benjen on his way back to the wall, will march with Dany and her troops to King’s Landing. And just when we thought we’d get to see the hugely-anticipated Cleganebowl, the Mountain will fight the wight in an unsuccessful attempt to kill him. 

That’s when the southern folks will finally believe in the threat of the Undead once only fire is able to stop the creature.

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Cersie Lannister then promises to send her armies to assist the northerners but later confesses to Jamie that she lied in order to clear out as many enemies as possible. To this, Jamie responds with shock and joins Brienne on her way towards North.

During the episode, Tyrion will also get the opportunity to have a dialogue with his sister. She will later wake up in a puddle of blood, which will most likely be the harbinger of a miscarriage. 

Up north, just when Littlefinger thought he successfully played the Stark sisters against each other, Sansa discovers the truth about him with the help of Bran. She then sentences him to death, which is carried out by Arya.

Meanwhile, in a boat carrying them up north, Dany will seek comfort for the loss of her child’s death through Jon. After sharing a moment in the previous episode, the duo will then get in on the act and we shall finally witness what the showmakers have been readying us for all season. Exercise! We mean, sex! Between Jon and Dany!

And while all of this is happening, the season will end with the Night’s King’s army of the Undead bringing the wall down with the help of a wighted Viserion. And then we’ll have to wait out an entire year, to discover who wins the game of thrones.

Valar Morghulis.