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We Think Shruti Hassan Redefines Grace, And Here’s Proof

Happy Birthday, Shruti Hassan. We wish you loads of happiness.

We wish Shruti Hassan a very Happy 32nd Birthday. The actress still has plenty to prove, and we are extremely excited about her films. “Age is just a number. I have always wondered why be it any artiste anywhere in the world like Tom Cruise, there will be a bracket and then their age will be there, or it will read so and so 23-year-old. I have always wondered why do people do that,” she told IANS about her birthday. 

Earlier, Shruti had done an interview with us where she listed a few things men should keep in mind about looking good. 

“For men, denims are the foundation of a great modern wardrobe. They are very versatile so use them to their potential. Own a variety of denims,” she said.

“Your objects of desire can range from a funky pair of glasses to sleek shoes or, if you are the formal kind, nice cufflinks. Look beyond your clothes for your style statement,” she added. 

“Always look effortless, whatever you wear. You are going to put off the women if you look like you have spent hours orchestrating your look,” she concluded. So men, please take note.

We wish Shruti loads of happiness.