While India is rejoicing Parag Agrawal’s appointment as the new Twitter CEO, many fans of Shreya Ghosal have been digging up old tweet exchanges between her and Agrawal. The two have known each other for quite some time now, and often connect via tweets. When Ghoshal congratulated Agrawal on the appointment, her fans deemed fit to bring back their old tweets and make them go viral on the internet.

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Twitter was flooded with screenshots of past conversations between Ghoshal and the new Twitter CEO. Ghoshal congratulated her childhood friend saying she was “proud” of him. “Congrats @paraga So proud of you!! Big day for us, celebrating this news,” Ghoshal tweeted. Post her tweet, everyone shared screengrabs of their old chats where they are casually talking to each other or remembering each other.

In one of her earliest tweets posted in 2010, the singer had written, “Hey all!! Found another bachpan ka dost!! Foodie and traveller… A Stanford scholar! Follow @paraga. It was his b’day yesterday! Wish him pls.” He had also replied to her thanking her. He wrote back saying, “Aila. You are influential. Followers and Twitter messages flooding in.” In another old post, the two childhood friends had also shared pictures, posing with their respective spouses.

Upon learning that her tweet exchange with Agrawal has give viral, Ghoshal once again tweeted saying, ““Arre yaar tum log kitna bachpan ka tweets nikaal rahe ho! Twitter had just launched. 10 years pehle! We were kids! Dost ek dusre ko tweet nahi karte kya? Kya time pass chal raha hai yeh (Oh dear! You guys are digging up tweets from our childhood. Twitter had just launched, 10 years ago. We were kids. Don’t friends tweet to each other or what?).”

37-year-old Parag Agrawal has taken over as Twitter CEO, after co-founder Jack Dorsey stepped down from the post. Parag Agrawal has been a part of Twitter since 2011 and has been an integral force behind many of the company’s major decisions. A long-time confidant of Jack Dorsey, Agarwal was elevated to the position of chief technical officer in 2017. So with Dorsey stepping down as chief, Agarwal was a natural and obvious choice, with the former CEO saying that the board had run a “rigorous” search and had “unanimously” endorsed the 37-year-old.

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