The novel coronavirus which emerged from China’s Wuhan district and then rapidly spread to the rest of the world has taken countless lives and affected millions. What it has also done is decimate an already staggering global economy, leading to rising unemployment numbers and loss of livelihood.

Due to the nationwide lockdown in India, many people have lost their method of earning money and have begun digging into their savings – that is, if they have any. Many Tollywood celebrities have come out to support the people financially and the latest to join them is actor Vijay Deverakonda.

In a video posted on his social media accounts, Deverakonda announced a donation of Rs 1.25 crores to battle COVID-19.

“I started a secret project last year and among the received applications, my team zeroed in 50 students from 650 and they are trained in the requested professional courses. With the coronavirus crisis, their plans got delayed. Two of them are placed successfully and we are quite confident that all the other 48 too will get placed soon,” he said.


I am donating Rs 1 crore for employment generation. We will take more students and get them trained in their interested skills. All the donated money will be used for youth employment program. I am also in plans to create employment opportunities through Rowdy Wear and King of the Hill. I am also donating Rs 25 lakhs for all those who are in immediate need. We are in plans to donate the basic essentials for 2000 families across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. All those who are in immediate need can visit our website ‘’ and we have all the details in the portal,” he added.