We spent hours, back in the day, either enjoying conquering the game all alone, or teaming up with a friend or a sibling to help you get through a tough part that you just couldn’t without their help.

Our childhood favourite PC game, Road Rash, was re-released with better graphics and a few modern elements, but the developers made sure it still retained the same DNA of the original 1991 game.

The main reason the game was brought back was because the developers wanted to gift the old players who adored the game a piece of nostalgia. And at the same time, also wanted to open today’s kids to the same thrill we experienced while playing the game.

Hoping the developers of these games feel the same way too, here’s a list of some classic games that we would love to be brought back, just for old time’s sake:

Dangerous Dave
Dangerous Dave was a very short game but almost impossible to complete. The levels kept getting tougher and the enemies just kept getting uglier as the game progressed.


Disney is not only a movie making legend but also reigned supreme in the gaming department. Who wouldn’t want to play a game that was based on their favourite Disney movie?

Prince Of Persia
Another almost impossible game to complete. The only two things you need to complete this game are patience and a lot of free time. Which is pretty simple, just skip doing your homework and play some POP instead. 

Jazz Jackrabbit
Jazz is a favourite among the nintendo lovers. It is based on the lines of Mario, but instead of playing as Mario, you play as Jack, a rabbit with guns that spit fire. Need I say anything more?


Another Disney classic movie turned into a game and does it perfect justice. 


The most terrifying game among the whole list. You play as a man who’s stuck inside a hell house and need to kill demons and possessed Rottweilers. It’s not as bad as it sounds but it is definitely not a game parents want their kids to be playing. 


Wacky Wheels
A game where you race as an animal against other animals. Yeah that’s about it. Still lots of fun though. 


Lion King 
Allowing you to play as Simba, and get through a Kenyan jungle filled with obstacles, Lion King was as good as a game to play, as it was a movie to watch. 

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