Radhika Apte who plays Noor Inayat Khan in Lydia Dean Pilcher’s World War II drama, A Call To Spy has said that war-based movies in India are extremely nationalistic and this can take away from real acts of heroism.

“It worries me sometimes because literally, we have cricket and cinema, two most influential forms. And if this is how we start looking at our neighbouring countries and war, it’s a bit concerning. I mean I understand the situation at the moment but its humans being sent there to shoot each other. What is war is something very important to think about,” she said, according to Hindustan Times.

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However, the actress did agree that every country tends to make such films and that there are very few films that are nuanced in their approach.

In her upcoming film, Radhika Apte plays a wireless operator named Noor who is sent to German-occupied France. Eventually, Noor was caught by the Nazis and executed but her last word was ‘liberte’.

A Call To Spy is available to view on Amazon Prime Video.

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