A modern-day revolution was created when Meek Mill was thrown back into jail. America, especially its black community, stood behind Meek Mill and relentlessly protested for the dismissal of his case. Meek was eventually released, but he didn’t just go back to living his life, he instead went around and started speaking out and helping other falsely imprisoned individuals.

Now, Amazon Prime and Jay-Z have come together to tell Meek’s story. The new docuseries aims to shed light on not only Meek Mill’s journey through his legal struggles, but also the flaws in the American judicial system. It gives us an insight into his dark past that begun when his father was murdered when he was just five-years-old. It also takes us back to Meek’s childhood and his life as a black kid trying to make it big with his raps in a neighbourhood in Philadelphia that is plagued with drugs and violence. 


Watch the trailer for Free Meek below:


The five-part docuseries will release tomorrow and will be available to stream exclusively on Amazon Prime.