The end is upon us. The finale of the devil’s tale would be available on Netflix by September. The sixth and final season of Lucifer will debut on September 10, Netflix announced during the show’s panel at Comic-Con@Home.

After months of teasing, the date was finally revealed to fans at Comic-Con, as many had expected. 


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The official trailer shows us the time we have spent with these characters in Los Angeles so far before finally cutting to Lucifer, saying it “might be his last night in LA,” when halted by a police officer. 


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Co-showrunner Joe Henderson teased to Collider, “It is by far probably the most intimate season we’ve done; it also has the most expensive episode we’ve ever made. So, we’ve still got plenty of spectacles.”

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Originally, season 6 of Lucifer was never going to happen. Netflix’s revival of the series from season four onwards was meant to end after season 5. That’s partly why the show was split into two halves, and given an extended season.

As of now, the primary and secondary cast sees no major difference, except one, which is the loss of Detective Dan Espinoza, whose demise we witnessed in Lucifer season 5, part 2. Though Kevin Alejandro presumably won’t be a series regular, the actor will make an appearance in Lucifer season 6 in one form or another. Eve may also be back, as teased by Inbar Lavi through social media.

However, we will be introduced to two new recurring guest stars. We will see Merrin Dungey play Sonya, who will be part of the L.A. Police Academy. Secondly, Brianna Hildebrand will play the angel, Rory.

Lucifer season 6 will also officially see Scott Porter’s Carol Corbett back, the officer that Dan was trying to set Ella up with. A new mystery character is also being teased by Lucifer’s writers, which many theorise will be Adam (of Adam & Eve), however, that remains unconfirmed. 

All episode names have been announced. In the cast of one of the episodes, they had added ‘old Chloe Decker’, but were quick to take it out as it started to catch fans’ attention. 

The fifth season had been nominated for the 2021 Emmys for best choreography for a scripted show, and Tom Ellis was nominated for best actor in a streaming comedy series.

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