More than a dozen years back, a rib-tickling comedy on the erstwhile Star One couldn’t get its due due to obscure reasons. But many a listicle and a wave of cult admiration later, Sarabhai v Sarabhai made an epic comeback earlier this month, with its fans even outdoing the popular American sitcom FRIENDS that hasn’t been able to reunite its cast in all these years.

Ahead of the third episode of the show’s Take 2, we spoke to Sumeet Raghvan who plays the most lucid character on the show, Dr Sahil. Here’s what he had to tell us.

What is it like being back with the cast after all these years?

Honestly speaking, we felt no difference at all. Actually we picked up from where we had left 12 years ago. It was sheer fun and madness when we all met and started shooting for the second season.

What did it take to reunite the cast for a second season?

It probably took a few minutes; because we all were at Satish (Shah) ji’s house for a party, and were scattered in the house so I guess it took a few minutes to assemble in a room and then JD (producer) asked us and we agreed instantly. Really, I’m not kidding.

What has changed in all this time?

Nothing has changed, except the humour has gone to a different level.

Which character has evolved the most?

No character has evolved. In fact, they all have gone from mad to madder except for poor Sahil. 

Any other new characters?

The two new characters, Sahil and Monisha’s son Ornob, and Rosesh’s love interest ‘Jasmine.’ And our sister Sonya has been re-introduced. Besides them, there will be episodic characters but the core team will remain.

Five things we can expect from the new season?

Why just five, there are plenty of things to expect from #SVSTAKE2. The characters are going to be even more madder, the humour quotient has certainly gone up, but its not forced. You even get to see “Kaccha kela”, the situations are hilarious. With the entry of our son, there is a different angle to the relationship as in the writer has focussed upon inter personal relationships. So all and all plenty of masala for the audiences.

Fans have been unsuccessfully urging the cast of the American sitcom FRIENDS to reunite since over a decade now. But Indian fans convinced SvS to return despite such a huge gap. What do you have to say about that?

We are ever so grateful to all our fans, because we are back because of them and for them. Has anyone heard of a show making a comeback after it has gone off air 12 yrs ago! So, we are humbled by the love and the ever growing fan base of #SVS. Love you dear fans! Sarabhai doesn’t belong to just us anymore; you all have become a part of the Sarabhai family. Thank you for getting us back. Take a bow guys!