At the ongoing DC Fandome event, Zack Snyder confirmed that a new cut of Justice League will be available in four separate one-hour installments on HBO Max.

This got us thinking – what would the Justice League movie look like if we cast Bollywood actors in them?

Hrithik Roshan as Superman

Because, duh. We’d totally feel safe if Roshan suddenly grew superpowers and decided to save the world. Plus, the suit would look great on him.

Arjun Rampal as Batman

Batman requires a certain level of intensity and Rampal has that in spades. We can totally imagine Rampal pull off the trademark raspy voice.

Katrina Kaif as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is not just a kickass superhero but morally strong. In a tough industry, Kaif has managed to stay away from gossiping and bitching about people. Also, she’d totally pull off all the action stunts required.

John Abraham as Aquaman

Abraham has the body for it and we all know he looks great coming out of the water (hello, Dostana).

Ishaan Khatter as Cyborg

Cyborg needs a certain level of intensity and bitterness at life that an actor like Khatter could totally pull off.

Rohit Saraf as The Flash

The Flash is not just completely adorable but also one of the most optimistic and likeable characters in the DC Universe. We would love to see Saraf play this role.