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Who Do They Follow: Shah Rukh Khan

We thought we’d take a sneak peek into his Instagram account to take a closer look at who he follows.

The Baadshah of Bollywood recently completed 25 years in the industry and took to Twitter to thank all his fans for their love, support and adulation. He wrote, “Went 2 bed early cos been a hectic week. Woke up for no reason & realised I am 25 yrs old. Will deal with all this love tom.Thx for bearing me (sic)”.

Also recently, there was a controversy surrounding SRK’s next film which has been directed by Imtiaz Ali for using the word “intercourse” in one of its mini trailers. Censor Chief Pahlaj Nihlani, objected to the word being used and eventually snipped it from the trailer. Talking about the controversy, SRK stated how, “May be they (CBFC) are considering some dialogues as unsuitable now. And if they find it unsuitable, we’ll get them changed. But I think when they will watch the entire film, they will understand the context and hopefully everything will be good”.

But this isn’t the only time SRK has faced a controversy in his career. From the Shirish Kunder slap-gate controversy to his cold war with Salman Khan, SRK has had his fair share of incidents that were controversial. Which is why it kind of sounds unbelievable when he admitted to a leading daily how a biopic on his life isn’t a great idea because his career hasn’t been riddled in controversies and that he’s has a clean slate until now.

So we thought we’d take a sneak peek into his Instagram account to take a closer look at who he follows and if there is something juicy lurking around the corner that all his fans need to know about. Take a look.

A whopping 8.2m followers

King Khan is definitely one of the most followed celebs across the globe with a whopping 8.2m followers on his Instagram account. But sadly, if you check the number of people he’s following, you’d be disappointed.

Only 8?

Of course, this number made it easy for us to navigate through the people he is keenly following on his social media account, but then, “why?” is the question we’d like to ask him.

A family man


And a fulfilling Father’s Day at Arth designed by @gaurikhan

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 Three of those 8 people he follows are his own family members: Gauri Khan, Aryan and Suhaana. From the remaining five, one of them is his manager.

A narcissist?


All spruced up 2 cheer for CT17 Finals. Also excited to present the MiniTrails to the world #JabHarryMetSejal

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Well, this leaves us with another question. Is King Khan a narcissist? Does this mean the superstar is so full of himself that he does not consider others worthy to follow? Well, maybe. Or maybe not. That leads us to another question.

Is he an anti-social?

Absolutely not.

Not enough time on his hands?


Do I need to say anything…but that I love u all at the Eden Garden. Ami KKR…YAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

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On the contrary, he is quite active on the social media platform and keeps posting about his upcoming releases, events and also personal pictures of some quality time spent with his family.

Is Instagram an irrelevant platform for the actor?

Maybe. But there are other platforms apart from Instagram such as Twitter and Facebook and his Twitter ‘Following’ numbers are somewhat better than Instagram’s. He follows 81 people on Twitter.

He’s not following KJo

This came in as a shocker to us because the two have been the closest of friends since eternity. Maybe that’s a way of revenge from SRK’s end because Karan Johar did not give him a meaty role in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. Or maybe, Shah Rukh Khan has taken the tagline of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham (It’s all about loving your family) a tad too seriously. Who knows?