Dear Ajay Devgn,

We saw the trailer of Golmaal Again, and we have to say, you look like a man with an IQ of 50 the way you stand on two cars and swoop in. It’s not like you are a bad actor. We thought you totally owned your performance as Bhagat Singh, did exceptionally well as Singham and few actors could have pulled off the role of a SP in Gangaajal, the way you did. 

But the reason we want you to stop making films is because of the scripts you choose. Ones that do no justice to your skills. Himmatwala, Action Jackson, Son of Sardaar, Shivaay – these are films that I won’t watch even if you paid me a thousand rupees. You are bad at comedy. Period. You are bad at romance. Period. Your action films are all show, little substance. Period. 

Learn something from Akshay Kumar, who too did a string of terrible films but has found his A-Game once more. Don’t do films simply for commercial success. Do films that have a story, a spine and a soul. If these things are in place, the success will follow. This year’s Jolly LLB 2 and Toilet: Ek Prem Katha are good examples. 

In your interview, you say interesting things, but your actions don’t reflect your theories. 

“I know which film is not going to do well. So, it affects me while shooting and I know it’s not going to work and then I want to get over with it as soon as possible. And then it affects you while promoting a product,” you said in an interview with TOI

“If you see my interviews, you will be able to make out when I trust a film and when I don’t. I can’t harm the film, so when I am not convinced, I will say, ‘Ya we are keeping our fingers crossed and everyone has worked very hard.’ But when I am really confident I will say, ‘I am confident and I believe in this film.’,” you added.

Even though we understand what you mean, I believe that you shouldn’t be passive while shooting a bad film. An actor of your stature has the experience and the clout to demand changes. So many people’s fate depend on your face, so how can you not be concerned?

If you take this so lightly, then please, stop making films. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are those of the author alone, and does not reflect the opinion of MW.