“WTF” is right. This week’s edition of wtf news has a bit from the world of fashion and a bit from the atrocious universe of TikTok.

TikTok To Be Banned Because Apparently It Encourages Pornography 

Your first piece of WTF comes all the way from Madras. Reports recently emerged that the centre has been asked by the Madras High Court to ban TikTok, because apparently, it was “encouraging pornography.” As if this wasn’t surprising enough, the court said the “dangerous aspect” of  TikTok is the “inappropriate” content. They also said that “there is a possibility of the children contacting strangers directly”. 

But hey, we wholeheartedly welcome this decision, just as long as this torturous app is taken down once and for all. 


Barbie And BAPE Come Together For A Collaboration And We Don’t Know Why

The second piece of WTF news comes from a plastic doll in an expensive hoodie. Yes, we’re talking about the weird collaboration between A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and Barbie dolls. BAPE recently announced that they would be putting out a collaboration with Barbie dolls where Barbie will be dressed in proper street attire. Honestly, we don’t know what to think about this. 



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この度、日本のストリートファッションを先導し続けている ア ベイジング エイプ(BAPE®)とバービー(Barbie)がコラボレーションし、「ベイプxバービーのコレクション」を2019年4月6日(土)より、店頭及びオンラインで発売いたします。本コレクションには、Barbieの「シグネチャーピンク」とBAPE®のオリジナルデザインを合わせた、ガールズとレディース向けのアパレルやアクセサリーがラインナップに含まれます。 ※こちらのドールはイメージ写真です。実際に販売されるドールとは異なります。 The BAPE® x Barbie collection sneak peak iconic designs inspired by an icon. Check out the collection featuring accessories and apparel dor adults and kids. #bape #barbie #bapebarbie *Dolls shown are for image purposes only. Dolls differ from actual dolls sold.

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